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About Me

Samantha Mullett

I help people change their stories.


As a coach, I work with individuals who are ready to build lives and careers that light them up. My clients are executives, leaders, and achievers on the verge of a breakthrough. They are redesigning their lives to work better for them and ready to take the next step. If that sounds like you, reach out.

As a strategic marketing advisor, I work with teams to understand where they're at and where they need to go to get real results. I've worked with 50+ clients that range from executives to startup teams to FAANG giants. Previously, I worked as a Senior Marketing Director at Serotonin where I managed several full-scale marketing teams serving clients in the emerging tech space. Before Serotonin, I worked at Chainalysis, LinkedIn, and Crunchbase in lead product marketing roles. I promise I've either seen your problem before and know the way out, or I know someone who does.

In my spare time, I write about life + careers at Local Boys, and teach a cohort-based course on next-level go-to-markets.


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California State University, Chico | Adjunct Professor

Leading Web3 professional & continuing education specializing in blockchain foundations, economic & workforce development.

Serotonin | Senior Marketing Director

Serotonin is the world's largest web3 marketing agency, offering product advisory and full-scale marketing for top blockchain projects. I led several full-scale marketing teams for clients including Dapper Labs, Celo, ZKX, Themelio, and more.

Chainalysis | Senior Product Marketer

Chainalysis is the leading cryptocurrency analytics firm. I led the Chainalysis Reactor and Kryptos go-to-markets, and worked with both product and marketing teams, focused on growth. I helped facilitate trainings for U.S. financial crime investigators and became an expert in U.S. regulation and compliance. Chainalysis is now a Series D company. 

LinkedIn | Product Marketing

LinkedIn connects professionals to make them more productive and successful. I focused on new markets, setting the stage with product teams to target frontline hiring initiatives and the gig economy. I also worked on Hearing Back product features, geared towards improving communication across the LinkedIn platform. 

The Blockhead | Founder

The Blockhead makes learning cryptocurrency simple. I run a weekly newsletter that breaks down what's happening in the industry and why it matters. I've taught educational workshops on Blockchain Fundamentals to over 2500 students in East Africa and the United States. I've also mentored individuals 1:1 on how to work in Web3, drilling into how their skills and salary would transfer over, in order to increase diversity and inclusion in crypto. 

Crunchbase| Product Marketing

Crunchbase is the leading platform for professionals to discover innovative companies, connect with the people behind them, and pursue new opportunities. I joined Crunchbase after their Series A to grow their first paid product, Crunchbase Pro, into product-market-fit. Like any other early-stage startup, I also did 1000 other things. Including but not limited to: branding, BD, R&D, UX/UI, product roadmap, new partner/product/feature go-to-markets, editorial, content marketing, event marketing, and more! 

Revel Systems| Product Marketing

Revel is a point-of-sale platform for restaurants and retailers. I helped them find product-market fit by implementing customer feedback loops, scaling content, and working closely with the product team to implement learnings. These initiatives led Revel to narrow its customer scope and increase its pipeline by over 10x. Revel Systems has since been acquired. 

Adobe| Digital Marketing

Adobe "creates experiences that matter" and unlocks creative potential for brands of all sizes. I worked on product strategy for Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe's programmatic ad-buying solution that unites search, social, display, and TV media planning + buying. I also led accounts for Fortune 500 clients using Adobe Media Optimizer, helping them optimize campaign performance.

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